Is NOW YOUR TIME to really do what you love? Time keeps going - it doesn't wait for us and ONE DAY becomes never.  So if your dream has been or is, to really get great with horses, or to develop your relationship with one special horse or maybe pursue a professional career with horses this 6 week program will catapult you on your path.

Accelerate your learning through IMMERSION, in the Sept/Oct 6 WEEK INTENSIVE  - FUNDAMENTAL FOUNDATIONS TO ARTISTRY. Of course I am not saying that you will get to the level of artistry in 6 weeks - but artistry (meaning reaching the pinnacle of mastering a skill) is where this learning is headed and this course will jet set you on your way to an amazing partnership wit your horse. 

The quality of connection, relationship and skill development in terms of feel, timing and balance in both riding and groundwork (including liberty) liberty and groundwork skills that people acquire and the transformations that happen in the development of horse's bodies with this teaching is exceptional. In finding a way to teach the almost unteachable skill in horsemanship, FEEL -  the door between being mediocre or worse and being exceptionally brilliant is unlocked. When this happens seemingly magical transformations happen, beautiful partnerships start to bloom and HORSES LOVE IT.

Bill Dorrance's book is named - True Horsemanship through Feel  and Tom Dorrance's words were - " Feel for, Feel with and Feel together"  - this is testament to Feel being the Holy Grail of horsemanship. Many people hear the words but very few grasp the essence of it or physically find the quality. Feel encompasses mental, emotional, physical and energetic feel - I have developed a way to teach people how to find feel and support them to cultivate it. It is a lifelong evolution - and once you commit to learning it you will just continue to get better and better at it.

It all starts in the "Connecting and Fundamental Feel" course and from there we keep evolving it. This quality of connection and feel is how YOU can change Fear and "Oh no" into Connection and "Oh yes", it turns mediocre into magnificent  and bad into brilliant.

My work with horses continues to evolve so much that it even surprises me. It keeps improving so much that even I can hardly believe it. It gets better and better and I just love it more and more. I am even more excited about going out to work with my horses every chance I get and I just wish there was more time to work with them. Best of all my horses are loving it more too. So come join me for the Ride of Your Life. Get inspired, get knowledge, get skills, get experience and gain confidence. Life's short so LIVE IT and LOVE IT to its fullest potential by following your passion and living out your dream. Don't just dream it, live it !!!!