Theses are the second hand saddles that I have in stock.
With some of them I have more than one of the same model so get in touch if your interested in something and I can give you a price and details about the condition and send you pics.

Nexus Jump saddle tan - J2 tree width, 17 1/2" seat, tan - $1850
Zenith Dressage 8X C black - older saddle showing quite a lot of wear but still very functional
Zenith GPJ 7X C brown
Zenith GPD 8X C Black
Zenith GPD 7X B Brown
Free Spirit  GPD Brown
Kestral C seat 
Nexus Dressage XX C Black
Felix Dressage 8x C Black
Felix GPJ 8X C brown

There are used saddles coming in all the time so if you are looking for one let me know or let me know if you have one to re-home.

Contact Mel for details about these saddles or to test ride them.

A word of advice -beware of purchasing 2nd hand saddles if you have not carefully inspected them - panels can be damaged or the flocking settled unevenly due to storing the saddles carelessly, padding incorrectly or riders riding crooked in them. I have also seen where saddles have been altered and reflocked so they no longer work like BALANCE saddles. There is also the possibility of a broken tree. When I resell second hand saddles - I have personally checked them to make sure they are in good order.