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A way to connect students to each other, to provide  inspirational quotes  and educational savvy tips and to keep people informed and up to date  about courses and activities. If you would like to stay connected go and LIKE  and FOLLOW the page.
Connecting with Horses & Riding with Synchronicity.

Phone Consultations

If you would like to just do a phone consultation without doing a video of yourself that is possible.
They are $44 per 1/2 hr. Email me to book a time.

Join the Wednesday Wisdom Group Coaching Meetings

A FREE (for now)  service for those that have done courses with me, where you can ask questions or send in a short (less than 5 min) video for feedback. Wednesday evenings 7pm – (Summer 8pm)

What is the difference between the FREE Virtual Group Coaching and the Video Coaching program – apart from the fact that one is free and the other is a paid service.

The paid Video Coaching program is private. You can send in up to 20 mins of video – so basically a whole session which gives me a much better picture of what is going on. I can then talk you through simulations or or go into depth with explanations on things and “what to do next” plans. Or they can be sessions done in real time while you are actually out there with your horse.

The Free Group Coaching is showing just a short snippet of what you are doing. So it is more like a check in to see if you are on track or not and you receive just a short explanation of what you might need to improve on or the next step to go to.

The session will go for up to an hr max. So it will  depend on how many people put videos in or ask questions in the group as to whether your video gets chosen to be viewed or your question answered. Up until this stage that hasn’t been a problem because we have only had this opportunity opened up to a very small group as an experiment. It has worked very well and been extremely helpful for people so I am now opening it up for everyone. It has been a great way to keep people connected, inspired and progressing and everyone learning from each other.

Click here to join our Mel’s Membership Community on Kajabi which is how we meet on Wed nights. You need to have attended a clinic with me or have done other individual video coaching with me to be eligible to be in this group.

Once you are approved to join then you will need to contact me for a link to the FB group which is where you can upload your videos. I look forward to having you join us.

Individual Video Coaching

In between courses and as a support when I can’t come to you and you can’t come to me there is VIDEO COACHING  via webinar !!! This is an INVALUABLE LEARNING TOOL.

There are 2 options:-
1) We do a 45 min live session using PIVO MEET (or similar if you have another option).
You need really good internet where you work with your horse for this.

2) You send me a video of you working with your horse and then we watch it together and chat on the phone, or over zoom or similar.
This options is usually a lot easier to schedule in as it is usually easier to find times that suit us both.

Here is how option 2 works.
You can send the video via Youtube and keep it private (change the setting for that video to UNLISTED)  then you can send me a link and only people with the link can view it or else send it via We Transfer, Dropbox, One Drive or Icloud sharing. We set up a time and we view the video together. The feedback from this coaching has been that it was extremely insightful and helpful.   Even in some of the live courses I have been using video coaching or even just using still shots (photos) to help students SEE what is going on. They always comment that it is a very powerful learning tool to be able to see themselves and have things pointed out. The visual image can really help things click. Seeing the picture and then matching it to a feeling accelerates learning manifold. I can talk people through simulations and it surprises me just how much we can find to discuss and learn from even just a few minutes of video.

One off sessions
The investment for this is $88 (standard fee) per private session. (45 minute web call and you submit up to 20 mins of video).

Package Deal
You can book a Package Deal for 6 sessions (to be used in a 12mth period) for $450 (getting one session for close to free).  You film yourself at your convenience and then we watch the sessions together remotely and chat – usually in the evenings. You could do weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions – it’s up to you. Pay up front, book in your sessions and hold yourself accountable to take action and make progress. Of course I will only have a limited amount of time to do these sessions so the package deals are limited. This is a great way to get regular private coaching, and keep yourself inspired, accountable and progressing. If you don’t want to do the package deal you can still just do one off sessions whenever I can fit them in.

Advantages of remote lessons / video coaching

No travelling time and expenses, do it in your own time frame when it suits you, get together with study buddies and film each other and stay focussed and progressive. The webinar coaching is  perfect to be used as a support system in between the courses. When I only see people every 6 months or  sometimes less, it is a long time in between getting feedback and coaching. Bad habits can sneak in or you are not progressive enough for your horse or yourself. I have heard it said that when we are not going forwards we are actually going backwards, and I think there is a lot of truth in this. So let’s keep progressive and keep the momentum going.

Helpful Hints

Uploading to YouTube:
Recently students have had trouble uploading videos that are more than 5 mins long. So what I suggest is uploading several short clips. Some students just send me several 2-3 min clips and from this I can get a picture of what is happening (don’t edit out all the “bad” bits and don’t put it in slow motion or add music). To help you the best I/we need to see the raw truth. With several 2-3 min clips of various things you are working on we can usually discuss things for a good 45 mins or more !!! Total of video clips ideally is not more than 20 mins. If you are really unsavvy with tech (like me, but I am getting better) and you can’t edit the video just send it and I will skim through it and watch bits.

On the individual video (as opposed to the general settings) under VISIBILITY change the setting to UNLISTED if you don’t want anyone else to be able to view the video and then you just send me the link.

Off late – uploading to YouTube has been tricky for people so using  We Transfer, Dropbox, One Drive or Icloud sharing seems to be better.

What you need:-

  • You will need a fairly fast internet for our webinar lesson – if you can easily watch YouTube videos you should be fine.
  • Phone so we can talk while we are viewing the video.
  • Note paper  – you may like to take some notes as we are viewing and discussing the video.

*****The better quality the video, the better quality feedback I can give you. This is not about the quality of the camera but about keeping zoomed in on you and your horse so you are not a distant speck in the background and keeping the camera as steady as possible – ideally using a tripod. Make sure the footage is given to me in real time not slow motion. This way you will get the best feedback for yourself and from me. 

Options for Filming Yourself

A PIVO is great and relatively inexpensive way to film yourself. I have one – very easy to set up pretty simple to use even if you are unsavvy with tech. Find out more here or purchase with this link. Your purchase with this link earns me a small commission.
Learn more about how to set up, use and troubleshoot your PIVO with this FB group.

A PIXIO  or PIXEM is also a great way to film yourself.
I have also have a Pixio. It has a better zoom and tracking than the PIVO. A little bit more to do to set up. Quite a lot more expensive but it also has a live lesson option. I haven’t tried live lessons with this yet but it sounds like a great idea. https://tv.movensee.com/

To book a video coaching lesson

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    Video Coaching - 1 lesson or package of 6

    I will pay by the following PAYMENT METHOD

    PAYPAL - if you wish to pay by PayPal please submit this form and I will send you a PayPal invoice.

    DIRECT DEPOSIT. Please submit this form and either send me an email with the link to your video and your preferred times for our get together phone/video session or if you wish to do a live session using Pivo Meet email me and we can arrange a time. Make payment to: Acc Name: Synquest Pty Ltd Sales • BSB: 082842 • Acc No. 189 434 768. (Please put your name in the details to identify your payment)

    Video Coaching Lesson Rates
    Standard Rate – $88.00 (if our session is booked for the middle of the day in Summer and evenings in winter)
    Prime time –  $130 (if our session is booked for early mornings or late afternoons in summer or middle of the day in winter – when I want to be out riding my horses). Prime time will more when people are doing live sessions (Option 1 – when you also don’t want to be out riding in the sun or the cold/dark)

    Video Coaching 6 Lesson package  $450.00 (standard rate) A different rate will apply if you want prime time – message me if you want to arrange this.

    If you have any questions please contact Mel 


    Testimonial from Paisley Walker

    “Whilst I am very fortunate to have Mel teach at my property twice a year, I still find it very helpful to get video coaching in-between clinics to keep on track and get feedback on any new developments that may have arisen.

    Whilst some may find videoing daunting, it is a great way to keep a record of your progress and to watch back and get another perspective on how you and your horse are looking. Often when I have questions or issues and make the effort to get someone to video me, in the process of watching it back I already have a deeper understanding of what is going right, and what might need some adjustment.

    The footage can be posted to Mel, or uploaded unlisted onto YouTube, which is what I do. Then through the ‘power of technology’ which I don’t pretend to understand, you can arrange a time with Mel and she will pop up on your screen and talk you through what she can see whilst you watch the video back together. From there you can trouble shoot and make a plan. I am often amazed at how much detail Mel can see from a short video which is sometimes taken at a fair distance. She is still able to pick up on all the subtleties, like if you’re unknowingly blocking, pushing or leaning to one side – and it’s hard to deny what is on the screen 😉

    Definitely a valuable resource to help you progress with your horsemanship and riding. “