"Alchemy Place" September 2  - October 11


ALCHEMY PLACE means place of transformation.
Facilitating TRANSFORMATION for both you and your horse.


When we deeply connect with our horse's MIND, HEART & SOUL and combine that with meeting their physical needs, including good quality movement and correct BIOMECHANICS ........ MAGIC  happens. Horses transform, harmony is created and our horse dreams and desires start to become reality.

So often most people's horsey dreams turn into nightmares - they have fear, or feel like it is a struggle or a fight as they try to coerce or force an unwilling partner. Maybe for you it is not that bad, but you would like to experience more in your partnership with your horse - more connection, more joy, more fun, more safety, more physical power, athleticism and peak performance whilst having a calm, safe, connected and inspired horse. Perhaps you are looking for a kinder, more compassionate and understanding approach. An approach where you can have an AMAZING RELATIONSHIP with your horse, RIDE and have your horse WANT to be ridden and develop your horse into a POWERFUL and EXUBERANT  ATHLETE. That was my dream and now it is also my reality.

CONNECTING WITH HORSES & RIDING WITH SYNCHRONICITY takes horsemanship into ART form. Starting with a FUNDAMENTAL FOUNDATION and taking things to the level of MASTERY - ELOQUENCE and ELEGANCE with horses. It turns ordinary into EXTRAORDINARY and most of all.... HORSES LOVE IT.

YOUR DREAM  may be to just feel safe, confident and connected on the ground, or to feel safe, confident, balanced and in harmony in the saddle on a trail ride. But maybe, like myself, you want to go further and become an Artist with horses. You want to achieve the highest levels of skill and athletic performance and become one with the horse - moving fluidly together. Being totally connected in mind and body, enables you to reach the highest levels without force, but instead, with honour and dignity for the horse. Whatever your level of desire, these courses will set you on the path to achieving YOUR dream. Then, once you get started and get hooked on the great feeling of connection with your horse (it can be addictive) who knows how far you would like to go.

The six, week long modules, are designed to fully immerse you in a longer learning experience. They will incredibly accelerate the development of  your horsemanship and make a huge transformation in your partnership with your horse. If you are unable to do the full 6 weeks it is possible to do  just one or any number of the modules - however, priority is given to those booking the full program or a lengthier combination of modules. 

Book early so you don't miss out and to take advantage of the EARLY BIRD Prices. Students and horses with a suitable standard of prior learning with Mel may be accepted to attend the latter weeks without completing the first weeks.


The full six weeks -
September 4 - Oct 13


Week 1 - Groundskills - Part 1 - Intuitive Connection (know your horse deeply), ABC"S of communication and the foundational exercises upon which everything else is based. Introduction to BIOMECHANICS and Fundamental FEEL, Problem solving. Sept 2-6
Week 2 - Ground skills - Part II - Liberating with Liberty,  Postural Development & Biomechanics - Groundwork Therapy - Part 1 Theory and Practical,
Positive Reinforcement and  Marker Training - Sept 9-13

Week 3 - Introductory Riding  - Part I  & Progressing groundwork - online, at liberty, positive reinforcement, confidence building. Postural Development & Biomechanics - Groundwork Therapy -Theory and Practical - part 2  - Sept. 16-20
Week 4 - Introductory Riding - Part II  & Progressing the groundwork from week 3 - Sept. 23-27

Week 5 - Intermediate Groundwork & Riding - Part I  Sept. 30 - Oct 4th 
Week 6 - Intermediate Groundwork and Riding - Part II Oct. 7-11

For the Intermediate courses, at this point in time, I have found it best to not have a set course structure but to be fluid and coach each course and rider combination where they are at. We generally find themes that are a common thread within the group. People attending these weeks will already have a good foundation of the subjects taught in the previous weeks so we are just building and advancing from there.

Some of the things that people love most about my courses are the INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION  that they receive and the FLUIDITY and ADAPTABILITY of the course content to meet the individual needs of those attending. I make sure that people and horses get what they NEED - I don't adhere to a rigid structure. Sometimes what is needed is not what people think they need or want. My job as your coach and mentor is to guide you from my higher perspective. The first priority is to keep you safe and then it is to truly get you and your horse on track with your goals by giving you the solid foundation required.

About Mel and her teaching- Perpetually on a quest to develop her own horsemanship skills, Mel traveled the world learning and then as a coach teaching.  Well recognized for her own horsemanship skills, Mel also has the ability to teach the intrinsic qualities of connection, feel, timing and balance to others. She realized that teaching TRUE  horsemanship was not just about teaching mechanical techniques but getting people in the right place in their minds and bodies and unlocking, re-balancing and reconnecting people to their physical bodies. These courses consider all aspects of mind, body and spirit - and therefore invoke tremendous transformation for both horses & humans.

Suited to all levels from beginners to advanced students (including high level competition riders) the courses help people and horses feel safe, feel confident and lead to the development of beautiful partnerships together. At the advanced levels they give people and horses the skills to reach the highest levels of athletic performance through correct biomechanics, help problem solve behaviours, create a deeper connection and offer more ways of adding variety and fun into the horses training schedule. All that is required is an open heart and mind, a deep regard for the horse and a commitment and dedication to learning.

Our state of mind and body, determine our success in any field, and it is none the less when working with horses. In fact it is probably more so.

There are so many facets to this horsemanship learning and in longer term courses, we can delve deeper and build understanding and skills layer by layer. The longer time frame allows us to go into greater depth and its is enough time to truly change patterns and habits. Unlocking the mind and body with mind and body awareness processes, clearing limiting beliefs and helping release physical restrictions that are hindering you and your horse, are all aspects of this learning. This is an extremely empowering course for both you and your horse.

The principles learned here will benefit all areas of your life, not just your horse life. 

 This 6 week program starts from the start.

It teaches:-

  • How to connect - meaning knowing your horse on the inside - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
  • How to read horses. How are they feeling and what are they thinking ?
  • Energy awareness and how to use energy.
  • How to communicate with your horse energetically as well as with your body language and tools. The language of energy is in fact the universal language. Energy precedes and leads body language and movement.
  • The quality of FEEL that all horses love.
  • How horses learn.
  • Centering and Grounding - How to still the mind and calm the emotions.
  • Body awareness and balance - How to move in a unified, effortless and free, flowing way.
  • Ground skills:- for basic handling; as physical therapy/rehabilitation, exercise and postural development; to build confidence in horses and people; to prepare horses for riding; for liberty work and simply to just play and have fun with your horse.
  • Riding Skills:- Developing an independent seat, balance, coordination and body awareness. To ride with the qualities that horses love -  softness, rhythm, flow, balance, harmony and healthy biomechanics.
  • How to influence horses to use their bodies with correct biomechanics - to have balance, hindquarter engagement and athleticism.
  • How to maintain the horse's curiosity and enthusiasm in training.
  • Positive Reinforcement and Marker Training - How to use intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
  • Functional Saddling - saddling for health, comfort and performance.
  • Extra learning as needed and as time permits about physical care and health for the horse, basic feeding, stretching, and body work to maximize health and performance.

The courses will be taught from a multi - level perspective so people will work with the information at whatever level they are at. I have many students who are very experienced horse people come and do these courses and have enormous breakthroughs and make huge developments in their horsemanship. Even though weeks 1-4 are called Introductory level courses as they are an introduction to my teaching, they are fast paced in the sense of the expansive volume of information they cover. They teach a very advanced quality of feel, timing, balance and precision in the biomechanical aspects of the movements in the foundational exercises. There is a LOT of information in there and even though it is foundational in nature it is a very advanced. It is refining the little things that make the big difference. Even students who have done many courses with me before, come and redo the Introductory courses and they always say they get loads out of them as they learn and understand things at deeper levels and from higher perspectives. In fact, going back and starting at the start is extremely beneficial to your advancement as  you will be guided to develop your feel, timing and understanding of body mechanics and balance to a much deeper level. Doing the most basic and fundamental exercises, with a GREAT quality of feel and understanding, is the most important key to doing advanced things well. If you are more new to horses, this course will also be the BEST way you could start your horsemanship journey and begin to develop your partnership with your horse (or you can learn with one of mine). You will just take in what is appropriate to you at your level of learning. It is REAL HORSE SAVVY, with LOTS OF LOVE AND CONNECTION.

Each week of learning will be building on the previous week and each student will work at their own level and in an appropriate way with the curriculum, to best develop themselves and their horse. Core themes and fundamental philosophies will be carried through and expanded upon each week throughout the duration of the course.

Students and horses with a suitable standard of prior learning with Mel may be accepted to attend the latter courses without completing the first courses. If you are wishing to book for one of the latter courses and are not starting with week 1, please email for approval before booking, to ascertain that you have completed sufficient prior learning with me to the standard of the course for which you wish to book. I want to make sure that everyone gets the most out of their learning experience here.


These courses will truly accelerate the learning and development of both you and your horse beyond measure. The learning and development that you make will be an investment that will help you in all aspects of your life, home, family, business, work, health and fitness. The qualities that you need to develop in yourself to be good with horses are the same qualities that you need to be good at anything you want to do and will help you to enjoy life to its fullest. Students tell me all the time how things they learn at my courses help them to be better parents, partners, teachers, leaders, managers and in general happier more peaceful people.


I look forward to helping you achieve your dreams and I want to make sure that this course is the right fit for you. So if you have never previously attended a course with me, please email or phone so we can book a time for a phone conversation and make sure this course is right for you.

Contact Mel    0428 385 745  mel@melfleming.com  

Course  Structure, Time & Logistics 

AMAZING BONUS - WATCHING ME WORK WITH MY HORSES  I will usually be working with my horses before our official start time each day and people are invited to watch - this is a  very valuable learning opportunity.

OFFICIAL START TIME - The official part of the teaching day starts at 10:30 each day. (Once daylight savings starts - in the latter weeks - we will start at 11:30 and go through to 6:30 / 7:00 - so we stay more in tune with the horses and the natural daylight - the sudden change with daylight savings feels too disruptive for everyone's system).

We usually start each day by getting together for a theory session, simulation, body awareness session and Q&A.

Lunch is usually around 1:30
Afternoon session 2:30- 5:30 or 6:00

If in some weeks we have a minimal number of students, the teaching time will be adjusted appropriately as we just won't need the same amount of time to get through the course material each day. If that is the case, I will often work with my horses and people will be invited to observe and learn.

"Alchemy Place" Time
Here at "Alchemy Place" we run on "Alchemy Place" time, Horse Time or Learners Time. So sticking to rigid time frames for sessions does not always happen. We start on time at 10:30 as punctually as we can but after that the sessions take as long as they take and are very organic in nature, flowing with what shows up for horses and people.

The course runs Mon - Friday with weekends off. Weekends offer a great time to hang out with your classmates, hang out with your horse, see the sights of the Tamworth and surrounds, have lunch in town, do your laundry at the laundry mat and generally just chill. These days off to soak, ponder and rest at 'Alchemy Place' are a regarded as an important part of the special experience that people have when they come - retreating from the rest of the world for a while and we often organise extra curricular activities like bodywork sessions for horses and humans on the weekends as well.  

Learn more about the course structure and learning through theory, simulation and mind and body awareness/development...

Depending on the course curriculum for each day and if it is the set up for a new topic of learning, these non- horse sessions may take us through to lunch time. On other days, where we are more ready and the need is to practise more with the horses, they will be shorter.

Best results are achieved when the human does a lot of learning through theory, practical simulation and developing body awareness and muscle memory without their horse. Then, with some skills already in place, doing shorter good quality sessions with the horses will benefit the horses. The process of learning involves making lots of mistakes or better called "learning epiphanies". It is better for the horse when the majority of the mistakes and  epiphanies can happen in the classroom environment or through simulation. After that, we can offer the horse a much better quality experience. The horses already selflessly put up with so much of our inadequacy as learners, so the more we can minimise our mistakes for them the better. Also for us as learners, it is so much easier and safer for us to learn concepts and skills when we don't have a real horse to deal with. The power of learning through simulation is enormous.


To reap the full benefits of the experience we offer staying on site so you are able to stay fully immersed in the atmosphere, it's a retreat from the rest of the world, and you can spend more time just being with your horse. The onsite options include tent, horse float, swag, or bringing your own caravan/gooseneck and hooking up to power. There are also some options for hiring a caravan here. 


More details about the stay for you and your horse...

If you choose to "swag it", which I do highly recommend because it's a fun thing to do, especially if you sleep next to your horse under the stars, you still need a backup for wet weather, like float or tent or vehicle and somewhere to store your stuff. Whilst we do have a great communal dining, amenities and classroom area it is not a place for sleeping or storing your clothes and horse gear.

The course fee includes a small individual horse yard and you staying  with an unpowered site.

If you would like an individual  paddock for your horse day and night the cost is $15/day(and night) or $7/day for day or night use only.Otherwise there is a communal paddock where horses can be rotated in for an hour or two at a time each day which is free of charge.

If you wish to plug your float or caravan into power the cost is an additional $6/day.There is a fully equipped kitchen for you to self cater, with fridges, freezer (limited freezer space), stove top, oven, microwave, kettle, toaster, sandwich press, cooking utensils, plates, cutlery etc. as well as  toilet & shower facilities.You can see more about Alchemy Place and it's facilities here

Investment :

EB 1 Price:  (Paid in Full by July 10) $1250/week
EB 2 Price: (Paid after July 10th and before Aug 10)  $1375/week
FULL PRICE $1500/week
Horse spots are limited to 8 so book in quickly.

EB 1 Price: (Paid in Full by July 10) $550/week
EB 2 Price: (Paid after July 10th and before Aug 10)  $675/week
FULL PRICE $750/week
Prices to come without a horse DO NOT include camping on site however camping may be possible for a fee depending on numbers that are booked in in week. Just don't want to overload the shower/toilet facilities.

A 50% deposit will hold your spot up until August 1st. To keep this spot, full payment will need to be made by Aug 1st unless you are on a pre set direct debit personalised payment plan.
Full payment must be made prior to the EB cut off dates to be eligible for the EB prices - otherwise the Full Price course feel will be required.

Payments can be made by credit card, paypal or direct deposit.
Payment plans can be set up.
Register with link below and in the comments section put in how many and which weeks you are choosing to do and then whether you want to pay in Full before an Early Bird cut off date or whether you want to pay a 50% deposit and we will send you an invoice. Priority of spots will be given to those booking for the full 6 weeks or those doing longer modules


f you have had a desire to attend the 6 week courses at "Alchemy Place" but haven't had the funds available to make it possible, I have some positions available where people can "participate without a horse" in exchange for helping out during and before and after the course start dates. Duties will include horse care, feeding and yard cleaning, tidying of kitchen, bathrooms and classroom areas, preparation of the facility before the course - cleaning, gardening.

Participating without a horse is a lot more than just auditing or fence sitting.  You would actively participate in all of the theory sessions, Q & A sessions, body awareness and balance sessions, healing sessions and simulations, as well as watch the demonstrations and observe those with horses practice and experiment with the exercises and tasks. You don't necessarily have to be available for the full 6 weeks, however priority of position will be given to those who can do a longer time frame and those who can come a week prior to help prepare for the course. Contact me for more details.

I have some opportunities for people to lease horses for the groundwork components of the course. 

Contact Mel  mel@melfleming.com

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