f you have had a desire to attend the 4 or 6 week courses at “Alchemy Place” but haven’t had the funds available to make it possible, I have some positions available where people can “participate without a horse” in exchange for helping out during and before and after the course start dates. Duties will include horse care, feeding and yard cleaning, tidying of kitchen, bathrooms and classroom areas, preparation of the facility before the course – cleaning, gardening.

Participating without a horse is a lot more than just auditing or fence sitting.  You would actively participate in all of the theory sessions, Q & A sessions, body awareness and balance sessions, healing sessions and simulations, as well as watch the demonstrations and observe those with horses practice and experiment with the exercises and tasks. You don’t necessarily have to be available for the full 4-6 weeks, however priority of position will be given to those who can do a longer time frame and those who can come a week prior to help prepare for the course. Contact me for more details.

There are also opportunities to use some of my horse for the groundwork components of the courses if you can’t bring your own horse. In this case it would be a part payment and part contra exchange.