IMG_8953 webHello all,
I trust that all is well in your life and you are enjoying the season of winter. Shorter days do mean less horse time but here in Moonbi, after a crisp and cleansing blanket of white frost we often have the most beautiful warm days, with clear blue skies which are perfect for riding and horse play. What I also love about winter is coming in earlier and enjoying the fire and hearty winter food. Each season brings its differences, newness and variety. Embracing the differences of each season and what they have to offer is important as it helps us not to stagnate but rather to flow with the cycles of life.

Different seasons, weather, occasions, situations or environments inspire different creativity in us and can be very instrumental in helping us to progress our horsemanship as we think, feel and act differently. Our energy is different and this causes us to move out of a rut or familiar patterning that we can easily get stuck in and where we can start to stagnate. Change can instigate creativity and progression. Riding or working with your horse at different times of the day, when it is raining a little, using different venues or going on a trail ride rather than always staying in the arena, are all variations that can keep things fresh and stimulating.

It is good to change even little things from time to time, even experimenting with putting your stirrups up or down a hole can instigate a change. It will feel unfamiliar so your nervous system becomes more “awake” because things are different and it is an awake nervous system that learns and progresses. We never want to stagnate in any way. Keeping the balance between consistency and variety is important. Consistency (sameness) builds confidence, embeds lessons and provides stability and structure but variety (change) keeps things new, inspiring, interesting, progressive, creative and evolving.

Currently I am at home and getting some consistency and flow in sessions with a couple of my horses and catching up on some office and admin work. One of the the projects that I have had time to do is go through all the photos that were taken at the last 4 week course here in September. You can read and see more about that when you go back and click in other sections of the newsletter.

In the rest of the newsletter you will also find details on all the upcoming courses scheduled for the rest of the year and details about the distance coaching via webinar service that I provide.

My best wishes and warmest regards to you,