cavesson 2I can highly recommend these lunging cavessons to help you develop your horse’s straightness and self carriage on the ground. Using  this cavesson has been a part of the ground work therapy program that I have been doing with my horses. These cavessons have been designed by BALANCE (the company that makes the awesome BALANCE saddles) for the ultimate comfort of the horse and great feel and communication between horse and human. The cavessons really help horses to be straight and straightness is one of the cornerstones for developing self carriage, HQ engagement and having healthy, happy horses. I first tried these cavessons a couple of years ago and have been very impressed with them. Horses really like the stillness of them and the fact that they don’t twist around the horse’s head feels better to them and also gives them a really clear feel and direction. I have also found that they help the horses to lift and elevate their front end. I now have have quite a few students who are ready to move onto a higher level of ground work and helping their horses to use their bodies better, so have been recommending these cavessons. They really are well worth the investment because just like the saddles, they make a very big difference. If anyone is interested in ordering one or if anyone is needing any BALANCE pads or other BALANCE items let me know and we can do a bulk order to save on postage. You can find out all the details including pricing etc by clicking on the links below. 

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Or the BALANCE pads

Or any of the other BALANCE accessories – stirrup leathers, girth covers , saddles covers, slip cover for pads, stirrup wraps and more