Prerequisites for this course are:-
Connecting and Fundamental Feel in Ground skills (students must have done this course)
Postural Development and Biomechanics Groundwork Therapy  (Ideal but not essential to have done this course).

‘Riding with Synchronicity’ means to ride in perfect synchronicity and harmony, becoming like a centaur where you become part of the horse and the horse becomes part of you. To achieve this we need to understand the horse’s physical body and the biomechanics of how their body works. It is vitally important for horses to be ridden in correct posture and biomechanical balance if they are to enjoy the experience, stay sound, be healthy and reach their highest athletic potential.

This course teaches the fundamental principles and “how to” of learning to ride with harmony, effortless and ease. Start learning the secrets to happy and successful partnerships with horses. Whether you just want to ride for pleasure or have high aspirations for competition these secrets  will be invaluable. These fundamental keys will  develop you to be a great rider and will be of great benefit whether you are relatively new to riding or had many years in the saddle. Even high level competition riders have been greatly helped by this teaching.

If  you are a raw beginner please contact me before booking to make sure that this course will be appropriate for you to come with your horse. There are some common principles that are found at the highest levels in all great sports people – athletes, martial artists or dancers – these principles also apply to horsemanship and riding.  I have learned these principles through feldenkrais and martial arts, as well as what I have learned  with horses. These principles lead us to riding in complete balance and harmony with the horse and without any brace or resistance to the horse. They include being centered, aligned and using our body in a fluid and unified way – this occurs when we are relaxing completely – the opposite of being in a state of contraction or tension. The techniques presented will  lead to you becoming more balanced and that means safer and more comfortable in your riding, as well as allowing your horse to move with healthy biomechanics. Healthy biomechanics not only allow your horse to reach their highest athletic potential in performance but also result in them being calmer, happier, having less resistance and staying sound. To achieve these aims, the course includes meditation, mind and body awareness and body balancing exercises. I am very excited to share all of this with you. It will be a game changer for you and your horse.

Moonbi Nov 5 day course 2013 001webCome along with or without your horse.

Of course if you can bring your horse along your learning will be maximized as nothing beats hands on experience and having direct feedback from a supportive instructor to accelerate your learning. However the other option for attending these courses is to come and “Participate without a horse”. This is very different than “fence sitting” as you are not only observing but also actively participate in the theory sessions, Q & A sessions, body awareness and balance sessions, meditation sessions and simulations, all of which make up a big percentage of the course. For questions regarding the course content, horsemanship or eligibility for the course contact Mel Investment for this transformational experience:


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To reap the full benefits of the experience we recommend you camp on site so you are able to stay fully immersed in the atmosphere, however there are motels very near by. Camping with an unpowered site and accommodation for your horse is included in this price. Camping with power is an extra $5/day.


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