"Alchemy Place" April 7-10

Elegance - Refinement, grace, beauty in movement, appearance or manners. Elegance is beauty that shows unusual effectiveness and simplicity.

Eloquence - Fluent, elegant, persuasive, graceful and powerful speech, communication or discourse that persuades listeners.

These are great qualities to aspire to have in our horsemanship. I like to think about how can we talk horses into things rather than force them into things and bring GRACE into everything we do. These qualities lead us into great RELATIONSHIPS AND DEEP CONNECTIONS with our horses and are therefore integral to CONNECTING WITH HORSES & RIDING WITH SYNCHRONICITY.

ALCHEMY PLACE means place of transformation. Facilitating TRANSFORMATION for both you and your horse.

Alchemy Place is a retreat away from the rest of the world where we can take time out with our horses, nature and a like minded supportive small group of people. In this environment we  can CONNECT TO OURSELVES - our own heart and soul. We can still our mind and calm the emotions and bring ourselves into balance  and  alignment. From there there we can connect to our horses and others in the group often forming very deep meaningful friendships. Alchemy Place and the horse and human experiences that happen here are truly unique. It is a piece of paradise on earth. You see and learn more about "Alchemy Place" here.

When we deeply connect with our horse's MIND, HEART & SOUL and combine that with meeting their physical needs, including good quality movement and correct BIOMECHANICS ........ MAGIC  happens. Horses transform, harmony is created and our horse dreams and desires start to become reality.


It starts with who we have to become and how we operate in the world - our thoughts, intentions, attitudes and actions. It's a "way of being" that has to come first. Then we can get into the "doing" and develop, feel timing, balance, and gain knowledge and understanding about the physical components of horsemanship and riding. Our horses will be our guides on this journey. Leading us and showing us what we need to learn and how we need to be. It's a reciprocal relationship because just as much as we are leading them via LEADERSHIP WITH LOVE they are leading us. We look at all aspects of horses and horsemanship, Mind, Body and Spirit - the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, equally. This will be a very hands on practical horsemanship course teaching both groundskils and riding but always keeping in mind our spiritual natures - remembering that both we and the horses are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Remembering this, is the source of being truly connected with horses. When we always acknowledge their spirit, the depth and the essence of who they are and honour them, then we have a great connection with them. As soon as we forget this things will start to fall apart. This is what connection is about at the deepest level. This will be a multilevel course and we will work with each horse and human combination individually where they are at and with whatever the priority is in their relationship and development. 

So often most people's horsey dreams turn into nightmares - they have fear, or feel like it is a struggle or a fight as they try to coerce or force an unwilling partner. Maybe for you it is not that bad, but you would like to experience more in your partnership with your horse - more connection, more joy, more fun, more safety, more physical power and peak performance. Perhaps you are looking for, a kinder, more compassionate and understanding approach. An approach where you can have an AMAZING RELATIONSHIP with your horse, RIDE and have your horse WANT to be ridden and develop your horse into a POWERFUL and EXUBERANT  ATHLETE. That was my dream and now it is also my reality.

CONNECTING WITH HORSES & RIDING WITH SYNCHRONICITY takes horsemanship into ART form. Starting with a FUNDAMENTAL FOUNDATION and taking things to the level of MASTERY - ELOQUENCE and ELEGANCE with horses. It turns ordinary into EXTRAORDINARY and most of all.... HORSES LOVE IT.

YOUR DREAM  may be to just feel safe, confident and connected on the ground, or to feel safe, confident, balanced and in harmony in the saddle on a trail ride. But maybe, like myself, you want to go further and become an Artist with horses, achieve the highest levels of skill and athletic performance and become one with the horse - moving fluidly together. Being totally connected in mind and body, enables you to reach the highest levels without force, but instead, with honour and dignity for the horse. Whatever your level of  desire, these courses will set you on the path to achieving YOUR dream and who knows, once you get started and get "hooked" on the great feeling of connection with your horse (it can be addictive) who knows how far you would like to go.


If you don't have your own horse or can't transport your horse here, I have horses that can be used for the groundwork components of the course. You will learn loads through working with my horses that you can take back home to your horse.

About Mel and her teaching- Perpetually on a quest to develop her own horsemanship skills, Mel traveled the world learning and then as a coach.  Well recognized for her own horsemanship skills, Mel also has the ability to teach the intrinsic qualities of connection, feel, timing and balance to others. She realized that teaching TRUE  horsemanship was not just about teaching mechanical techniques but getting people in the right place in their minds and bodies and unlocking, re-balancing and reconnecting people to their physical bodies. These courses  consider all aspects - mind, body and spirit - and therefore invoke tremendous transformation for both horses & humans. Suited to all levels from beginners to advanced students, the courses help people and horses feel safe, feel confident and lead to the development of beautiful partnerships together. At the advanced levels they give people and horses the skills to reach the highest levels of athletic performance. All that is required is an open heart and mind, a deep regard for the horse and a commitment and dedication to learning.
I look forward to helping you achieve your dreams and I want to make sure that this course is the right fit for you. So if you have never previously attended a course with me, please email or phone so we can book a time for a phone conversation and make sure this course is right for you. Contact Mel    0428 385 745  mel@melfleming.com  

To reap the full benefits of the experience we offer camping (tent, horse float, swag or caravan) on site so you are able to stay fully immersed in the atmosphere. I highly recommend sleeping in your sway just outside your horse's pen or paddock. This is a very powerful way to connect with your horse. 

The prices below include your horse yard and you camping with an unpowered site. If you wish to plug into power the cost is an additional $5/day.There is a fully equipped kitchen for you to self cater, with fridges, freezer (limited freezer space), stove top, oven, microwave, kettle, toaster, sandwich press, cooking utensils, plates, cutlery etc. as well as  toilet & shower facilities. Also good internet access and availability if you need to stay in touch with the outside world.

Investment :
THE INVESTMENT to come with a horse for these 5 days is $1250. This will include you caming on site, a horse yard and use of all the cooking, kitchen facilities and amenities.

There are also options to lease small paddocks for your horse. Talk to me directly about that and I can let you know what options are available.

If you wish to use one of my horses there will be an additional lease fee - also talk to me directly about that option.

Participants without a horse - price is $400. (doesn't include camping on site) however camping may be possible for a fee depending on numbers.

HELPERS NEEDED I have some positions available where people can "participate without a horse" in exchange for helping out during and before and after the course start dates. Duties will include horse care, feeding and yard cleaning, tidying of kitchen, bathrooms and classroom areas, preparation of the facility before the course - cleaning, gardening. Participating without a horse is a lot more than just auditing or fence sitting.  You would actively participate in all of the theory sessions, Q & A sessions, body awareness and balance sessions, healing or meditation sessions and simulations, as well as watch the demonstrations and observe those with horses practice and experiment with the exercises and tasks. Contact me for more details.

LEASE HORSES AVAILABLE I have some opportunities for people to lease horses for the groundwork components of the course.  Contact Mel  mel@melfleming.com

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