picnic-tablesTruly accelerate your learning at

“Alchemy Place” NSW

with longer learning  modules.

Get connected.
Get confident.
Get riding – in harmony, balance and synchronicity
Get the philosophy and
Get the skills to be amazing with horses both on the ground and riding.
Access the highest potential in both yourself and the horse.

Mel’s  courses are so extraordinary and people make exponential growth in their horsemanship ability and riding skills not only because Mel knows horses at the deepest levels  of mind and  body and has incredible skills and experience herself, but because she also has the ability to teach the intrinsic qualities of connection, feel, timing and balance to others. She realised that teaching people to become TRUE HORSEMEN  was not just about teaching mechanical techniques but getting people in the right place in their minds and emotions and unlocking, rebalancing and reconnecting their physical bodies.

Mel can help you feel safe, develop a loving friendship and partnership with your horse and  reach the highest levels of athletic performance if you and your horse desire that.

liberty-simThe longer courses go into great depth, accelerate learning and truly change patterns  empowering both the horse and human at all levels of body, mind and spirit.  Find answers to unlock and unblock your minds and bodies with mind and body awareness processes as well as learn the multitudes of horsemanship techniques that Mel can share. These courses can turn your dreams into reality – if you are ready to do that!!!

The principles learned here will benefit all areas of your life. The learning and development that you will make, will be an investment in all aspects of your life, home, family, business, work, health and fitness. Students continually express how things they learn at Mel’s courses help them to be better parents, teachers, leaders, managers and in general happier and more at peace. The skills needed to be good with horses are the same skills that are needed to be good with life. Horses are such great teachers!!!!!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn and expand yourself and your horse. Do something special for yourself as well as your horse. Realise the Magic of Horses & Realise the Magic of Yourself !!!!.

We are currently running the September /Oct 6 week module –

The next long term courses are:-
March and September 2021. The course schedules and dates are not yet finalized however if you click on the course schedule for this years long term courses you will get an idea of the format and details because they will be similar  next year. https://www.melfleming.com/archives/703

Please express your interest if you are interested in these courses next year and we can email you details as soon as they are available.

 Read online. For a pictorial report of a 4 week module and to read student testimonials.