Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well and happy. It has been great weather for playing with horses here at Alchemy Place and I hope the same for you too. Since returning from a fabulous trip to WA doing courses I have had 10 days or so if playing with my horses here. For the last 3 mths I have been working  with a ground work and postural development program with quite a few horses and am very pleased with the results. We are just getting back into riding them again and I can feel the strength and confidence they are having with engaging their hindquarters. It has been a very interesting process and we have filmed and documented some of it to share with you.

P1000802webWe have just had  a very busy weekend with a stall at Scone Horse Festival on Saturday (pictured above with Chris Watson and my niece Georgia) and at the Guy Fawkes Heritage Horse Association Open Day on Sunday. It was great to meet some new people and reconnect with others, some of whom I haven’t seen in quite a while.  The Guy Fawkes Heritage Horse Open Day was a great day with some great demonstrations and lots of people interested in our courses and the BALANCE saddles and with people asking lots of questions about saddle fitting. It was great to be able to offer help, to help set the horses up for  a better future. My experience with these brumbies has been that in general they are innately gentle and surprisingly quick to become confident and quiet horses to work with. I would encourage people to support the associations who are trying to create a better future for all these horses as opposed to their alternative fate of being culled often quite inhumanely.

At this open day we alsomet up with Alienor (pictured above) who is riding solo for 5000km on the National Bicentennial Trail with her 3 Guy Fawkes Heritage Horses pictured here. We we wish her her the best of luck on her big adventure. She  spoke about the amazing connection she has developed with her horses on the ride as they live together 24 hrs a day. One of her stories was about how her horses when turned free, came over and lay down and slept beside her as she  was sleeping. Her journey will take about a year and she has been on the trail for 5 mths so far !!!!

We have lots of new things, courses, articles and testimonials in the rest of the newsletter and will also revisit some older posts for inspiration.

Wishing all the best until we next meet,