Greeting to you all,

What a time it has been over the last months with the drought, fires and now floods and storms affecting so many in Australia. Blessings to all of you that have been or still are affected by these conditions. We at “Alchemy Place” have had our share of stress with the drought and the fires but fortunately now have some green happening and more rain on the forecast.

The courses recently have been tremendous with such amazing results through slowing down even more, connecting even more deeply and developing even more awareness.  The transformations  have gone to to even greater heights as can be seen in this photo below – just when I thought things were really good, things stepped up and got even better. This horse lay down and stayed down for  about 20-30 mins in the middle of this clinic with the other horses still moving around her doing their ground work.  This mare was previously closed, defensive, shut down, didn’t want to get caught, never really relaxed and the owner felt they had no connection. She was switched off and not interactive. By day four of the course she had experienced such relief, and release as she was acknowledged, appreciated, understood and respected at much deeper levels, that she just lay down, let go and turned loose. Later several other horses in this same clinic all lay down too. It was extraordinary to see. Laying down is one of the most vulnerable things a horse can do. To me these horses laying down as they did was evidence of how much they appreciated what was being taught at the courses, things like reading horses emotions more deeply, helping their bodes and helping humans release the tensions that they themselves carry. It showed me  how on track the courses are with what horses need and want. Some of you may have seen the YouTube video we made of this particular course. Big thanks to Margot Smith for putting the video together.



I am a bit later than usual in getting out the course information this year, even though I have already taught 2 courses and just finished the first day of the 3rd course for the year  in Bathurst. These courses were already organised a few mths ago but for the courses after that things have been slow in getting organised. The big reason for that  is because with all that was going on with the fires it didn’t feel appropriate to be contacting people about courses and course dates and hosting events when people had much more important matters on their minds- keeping themselves their animals and their properties safe. I also needed a mental break. The end of last year was very exhausting, full up with clinics and then the added stress of fires close by and all the of preparations to make “Alchemy Place” as fire safe as possible. It does however feel like things are starting to get back on track again now, which is very good.

Below you will see the course schedule for the first part of the year. Not all the details are there yet but if you express interest I can make sure you will get the details as soon as they are available.

BALANCE meaning the BALANCE Saddle Organisation have a new website.
It has loads of great information, not just about buying a saddle but so much educational information, about riding, the history of BALANCE, saddle care, using the padding system as examples. This educational archive will continue to grow. I found it very interesting and informative and picked up a few things I didn’t know so am sure you will too. The Information section and the Frequently Asked Questions section will be good places to start reading.

Really looking forward to sharing more with everyone again this year. Thank you for being with me on this journey of learning with the horses. No doubt the horses thank you too.

Blessing and best regards to you all and may this year be a good one for you,
Love Mel