Mel’s philosophy for horsemanship is a very holistic one, striving to understand all four aspects of the horse and human – the mind, emotions, body and spirit. ‘Connecting with Horses’ is about connecting to horses at the deepest energetic, mental and emotional levels and seeing them as the individual spiritual beings that they are. It is about connecting with our hearts and minds as well as our physical bodies and requires us to learn to be still and open our hearts and minds.

Understanding horse’s physical bodies and the biomechanics of how their bodies work is essential if we are going to ride them. It is imperative that horses be ridden in the right posture and balance if they are to enjoy the experience, stay sound, be healthy and reach their highest athletic potential for peak performance. Hence came ‘Riding in Synchronicity’ – to ride in perfect synchronicity and harmony, becoming like a centaur, where you become part of the horse and the horse becomes part of you. To influence the horse’s balance and posture the rider must learn a lot about their own, so Mel’s courses include a lot of body awareness and body balancing exercises.