I am very excited to announce that the NEW Xtreme  Dressage BALANCE saddle is now available for test rides in Australia.


BALANCE-Xtreme-Dressage-SadBALANCE saddles are so amazing!!! It still always amazes me how much better horses move in them compared to other saddles when people test ride them. They really help both horse and rider to find alignment and balance. They are named as such because they help the horse and rider both achieve a state of balance so they can perform comfortably, athletically, effortlessly and stay sound and healthy. I still say, and have said for a long time now, that they are one of the best things that I have ever spent money on.

Contact Mel to enquire about a test ride. If you look on the Course schedule page you can see when I am in an area near you or when I am available at Moonbi NSW.