Hello to you all,
and welcome to those of you who are receiving a newsletter from me for the first time. I am writing this newsletter from “Banyandah” via Howlong, where we have just enjoyed some transformative courses. “Banyandah” is a beautiful spot and has great facilities for teaching horsemanship. I especially enjoy coming here as I bring some of my horses and my dogs with me.


Matriarch an ex racehorse who had been broken down but now is rehabilitating into a magnificent and powerful mare.

This trip I have Matriarch and Helium with me and I have been really working on increasing their confidence and especially focussing on liberty. Matriarch is generally happy to be ridden, but has never really enjoyed ground play, she would go through the motions and  but never with too much exuberance, I have been successful in talking her into it and she is starting to get enthused and even having moments when she thinks that it really is be fun !!!! Helium loves playing at liberty. I would have to say that he is one of, if not the most exuberant and expressive horses that I have ever seen at liberty. Building confidence and helping him to feel deeply relaxed is always the main focus for him. Both horses are coming along superbly and of course through getting them better in their minds and emotions which I am currently focussing on through the liberty sessions, they are going to another level in improving how they are using their bodies. The ultimate level of partnership, harmony, athleticism, and collection can only be achieved through true and deep relaxation so that is what I need to keep developing.



What’s New?

The new website is up !!!
It was a big project and there is still more that I would like to do with it. The plan for it is to be a library of educational resources for students so I can offer more support without being there in person. On the new website it is now possible to sign up and register for courses on line and all the details for all of the scheduled courses are now up on the site. www.melfleming.com

The new Facebook page “Connecting with Horses and Riding with Synchronicity” is now up so go and LIKE the page if you would like to stay connected and receive savvy tips, horsemanship and inspirational quotes, educational articles and course schedule notifications. Here is the link www.facebook.com/MelFlemingHorsemanship or just search for Connecting with Horses and Riding with Synchronicity on Facebook.