Hello All,

I have just returned home from a 3 week trip, teaching courses at “Full Circle” Wilton near Sydney, Serpentine near Perth and Albany WA. Prior to that was an Introductory course here at “Alchemy Place” and a course in Adelaide. Interspersed in between the courses were saddle fittings. It so good that more and more people are becoming aware of the absolute importance of well fitting saddles for horses.

It has been a  full and very busy couple of months. As always, the courses were full of lovely people, with both the familiar faces of friends and an ever increasing  number of new people coming along to the courses. It is a pleasure to be around and work with people who are positive, open and who are truly seeking the highest quality of connection, relationship and physical performance with their horses. So thank you and I am sure the horses thank you too. Also a special thank you to the course hosts, Ann Fenton, Sharryn Hilton Ferguson, Dr. Monique Robinson (holistic horse vet near Perth) and Anita Davis.

I sent a newsletter out in May which some of you may not have received or read because it was the first time that I had used this new newsletter program. When it went out I received feedback from several people, to say that they couldn’t see that the email was from me, it just said that it was from admin and they thought that perhaps quite a few people may not have opened it thinking it was spam or it went to their junk mail.  Thank you for letting me known about that, I have rectified it now. There was a lot of interesting information and updates in that last newsletter, some of which will help make more sense of the news and updates in this newsletter,  so if you want to read it and the posts that were in it, they are still up on my website.

I hope you enjoy reading the newsletter and the article on centering. The other new posts that go with this newsletter are the Centering Article  (a must read), Upcoming courses, New Distant Learning and support and Arumi Progress Report. I will look forward to catching up with you soon at a course or via Facebook, or through the new distant support programs which you can read about in this newsletter.

best regards to you,