Greetings to you all,
My thoughts and prayers are with all of you who have or currently are affected by fires. We too have had a big scare at Moonbi but very fortunately the wind took it away from us. Definitely a wake up call to be prepared for fires including checking all your horses trailer load well and your horse float is in good working condition in the case that you need to move them.

On that note, I decided to share with you all a video that I made to help one of my students that had a problem getting his horse to WAIT on the float while he  did the butt bar up. Quite a common problem. I made a little video to help with a few aspects of this specific problem – the video does not show how to initially get your horse in and there are more aspects that I  could show and plan to, when I get a chance to video more. This video assumes that you are already familiar with Positive Reinforcement and Marker Training – it is one of the training tools that I utilize. My experiences with trailer or float loading have shown me that there is not just one black and white  method. There are many ways to help horses gain confidence in trailers and the more versatile we are the better we are able to adapt to different situations and horses.  Scroll down the newsletter to find the link.

Because of the fires near home,  I had to leave before the completion of the Intermediate course at Bathurst so we will be rescheduling that – new date is Dec 6-8. So if you would be interested in attending the Bathurst course, please get in touch.

I can’t believe how close we are now to the end of the year and how fast it has once again flown by.  We have a few courses left this year and there are still places left for people to bring horses. You can find all the details below.

All the best to you all,