Spring has sprung and I am excited. Spring, the time of new birth, emergence and growth always feels exciting for me. With the days warming up and the longer daylight hours most people have time to do more with their horses and start feeling re-inspired. I am looking forward to supporting you and sharing the ever evolving path that I am on in my quest to be the best I can be with horses. Then,  by passing that knowledge on  with as many others as possible, we can make the world a better place for horses. In doing so, we can also make the world a better place for all, because “who we have to become” to be great with horses, will make us better people all round – kind, compassionate, connected, present, aware, intuitive, heart centered, aligned, balanced, calm, empowered, strong, physically fluid, empathetic leaders.

My horses have come out of winter looking great and I am feeling inspired and excited to do more with them and looking forward to more daylight to do so. I kept doing what I could with them, but my time has been limited over the last couple of months as I was doing so much teaching and during winter the extra feeding and rugging takes up so much time that could otherwise be spent riding or doing ground work. But, all of the day to day management is relationship building if we make it that way and that is all money in the bank of our horsemanship connection account. I try to make even trimming their feet a relationship and connection building experience. WHATEVER we do, is either taking away from or adding to the relationship and connection account.

I have also been busy doing some new fencing projects and am in the midst of upgrading the arena surface. Just need the rain to stop for a while so things can dry out and the trucks stop getting bogged and can deliver the material to the arena.

What horse time I have had has been largely occupied by a stunning young warmblood in training for someone else. An extremely talented, very well bred and very expensive dressage prospect that is, or now I can almost say was, very troubled. You can read more about him in a section below.

On another note, this morning is the beginning of our Transformational Horsemanship Retreat – The Spring 6 week learning modules. However the Spring Retreat has  taken a different turn this year. For various reasons there has been several cancellations in the middle weeks so I am only running week 1 and week 5 & 6 as per the course schedule and will be running weeks 2, 3, & 4 where students can come and stay and do private sessions. These private sessions are ideal to give you personal help if you have already done the Foundation Course – Connecting and Fundamental Feel Course and even better the Introduction to Riding with Synchronicity and Postural Development Courses. There are still spots available in Weeks 5 & 6 Oct 3-14 if anyone can come and join us then.

Week 5 – Intermediate Level Part 1 –
Ground work (includes Liberating with Liberty) & Riding – Oct. 3 – 7

Week 6
 – Intermediate Level Part 2 –
Ground work and Riding – Part II Oct. 10-14

So til next time or when I see you in person in a course. Go well and enjoy your horse. Be sure to read about the young horse in training as there is some great educational information in there.
All the best,