Having your horse’s body and your own body fit and healthy is essential for good quality riding and performance, let alone for a healthy and happy life. The quality of horsemanship that I aspire to – force free, mutually beneficial and therapeutic for  both horse and rider at all levels of mind, body and spirit and with the potential to reach the highest levels of performance and athleticism – absolutely requires that both the horse and human are fit and healthy in mind and body.

Mind and Bodywork and Physical therapies are something that I have been learning about for a long time. PEMF therapy is a very powerful to addition to support the work that I already do.

PEMF therapy works at a cellular level and the very high powered machine that I have, can penetrate deeply to assist healing – break up intra-fiber adhesions in muscles, reduce inflammation, open up the cells in the body to remove toxins, increase blood flow- especially good to help tendon and ligament injuries, accelerate bone healing, help with arthritic conditions, diminish pain and stimulate the immune system to give just a few  examples. It directly puts energy into the cells, so increases our energy levels, helps us destress and thereby slows down the ageing process.

PEMF therapy puts energy back into the depleted body (a lot of horses and humans bodies are depleted of energy), it opens up the cells and accelerates the healing process manifold. It can increase the energy in the  cells by up to 500% !!!! You can learn more about PEMF therapy with the link below.

I am available to do private sessions on horses or people can use the  machine to treat themselves. Treatments are available at “Alchemy Place” Moonbi and I will also bring the PEMF machine with me to clinics.

Horse treatments are $110/hour –

Humans can use the machine on  themselves – $30/1/2 hr session or $55/hour

Below is the link to one of the leading PEMF experts if you want to learn more.

New to PEMF? Start Here.