For me personally, there is always the gaining of more clarity about riding dynamics and biomechanics mainly via feedback from the horses and more and more confirmation about the importance of connection and that our way of BEING is definitely the most important aspect of horsemanship. My new learning seems to be always about consolidating, reinforcing and going more deeply in the direction I am already going and following the principles that I already teach, but even more so. That is how the horses are guiding me with the feedback and results that I receive through working with them. When we get ourselves better mentally, emotionally and  physically everything gets better, our horses respond differently to us and we can use our bodies and ride in a much more fluid, balanced and harmonious way which then in turn empowers the horse to use their body in a more balanced, engaged and athletic way.









To keep ourselves positive and in a good place in body, mind and spirit it really helps if we can keep ourselves surrounded by positive people and influences. For me I have created work environments (teaching your guys) that keep me surrounded by positive, open people - people that aren't thinking like that usually don't attend my courses. But what I also do is read and listen to audio books to keep expanding myself, be inspired and be led in a positive direction. I love audios as I can listen to them in the car especially on the long trips to courses. Here are some of the people/books/audios/DVDs that have been important influences for me this year.


Body, Mind, Mastery - Dan Millman 

This comes in both book and audio form. Absolutely well worth looking at. This book/audio absolutely compliments and reinforces all the principles I teach.  Dan a top level athlete ( was an Olympic Gymnast) explains the body mind connection and how to master your mind, body and sport. He is also the author of the book and movie - The Peaceful Warrior.

Dr. Wayne Dyer's books/audios again and here are a few that I can recommend.
The Power of Intention
Excuses Begone
I can see Clearly Now
The Shift (DVD)

I also can highly, highly recommend his  "I am" Wishes fulfilled Meditation Music - Music for manifestation. I have used this in a couple of clinics now when people were sitting with their horses and connecting to them. Very powerful music. You can listen to it for free or you can purchase it.

Eckhart Tolle's books/audio
The Power of Now
A New Earth
Stillness amidst the world - Findhorm Retreat  (DVD)

Marissa Peer's free YouTubes - "I am enough" and how to get your brain to work positively for you.  Here is the link.

Listening to authors and speakers like these has greatly impacted my horsemanship which is why I want to share them with you.