Do you have trouble getting your horse "on the bit " ?
Does your horse have trouble getting "round" and using their hind end?
Does your horse rush?
Or not maintain a consistent rhythm ?
Or do you feel you always have to push your horse to keep them going?
Does your horse trip or stumble?
Does your horse have problems in the canter ?
Or only picks up a particular canter lead ?
Do they always want you on a particular trot diagonal ?
Does your horse have trouble bending or turning one direction?
Do they carry their head high?
Are your horse's gaits rough to ride ?
Does your horse have a weak, under muscled, angular topline rather than smooth flowing curves with an uphill balance ?
Does your horse have an overdeveloped underneath neck muscle?
Is your horse down hill ?
Are they heavy on the forehand ?
Or do they often get a sore back?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, perhaps your horse is lacking the strength and the balance to carry you or do what you are asking them to do.

Most horses are asymmetrical and need a strategic step by step groundwork therapy program to bring them into better symmetry and help them develop the balance and strength that they need to be ridden. They weren't born ready to carry a rider.

Adding in a groundwork program can really help all of the problems mentioned above. If your horse can't balance themselves easily and find self carriage in walk, trot and canter and are not calm, connected and happy on the ground in these gates without a rider, they will have a lot of trouble doing things with a rider.

In this program we engage the horse's mind to engage their body.

It all starts with relaxation - it is the essential source of true biomechanical correctness and finding balance.

This will also help solve a lot of other issues with your horse - spookiness, shying and many other problem behaviours.

This postural development program is great way to really develop the bond and relationship with your horse. You and your horse will feel inspired to work together.

We don't just do boring lungeing - most horses hate that - it is a more minimal part of the program.

And we don't just do trot poles or pole work. Most horses are not ready for that straight up and do pole work in a very unbalanced way, which is not helpful and often actually detrimental .

There are some necessary foundational compulsories to get started.  I love this stuff - the precision and the state of mindfulness we need to be in to do it, make it interesting. And, It's so fascinating and rewarding seeing the body changing.

We evolve into doing lots of fun stuff. We do liberty, use positive reinforcement and do some of it out on the trail, plus loads more interesting things for horses and humans as we advance in the program.

Winter, with its limited daylight hours, can be an ideal time to do this. Instead of doing nothing because we don't have time to ride, we can be extremely productive in developing the horse's body just doing 10-20 mins of specific and strategic groundwork exercises 3-5 times a week.

You will be amazed at what's possible and how horses can change. You will be amazed how your horse bonds to you in the process.

A little video of Scooby showing before during and after his postural development program.

A few examples of horses I have worked with showing before and after pics or before and in progress pics.

413 Gaol Creek Rd
Moonbi, NSW 2353

0428 385 745


EB (Early Bird) price is $450 when paid in full before July 12th.
Full price is $ 525

To come without a horse - $55/day

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