Participant Release and Indemnity

  1. I have requested, and Mel Fleming (Mel) has agreed to provide me with, equestrian tuition and advice (Services) at this Clinic and from time to time.
  2. The Services may be provided by Mel at a place and at a time arranged by Mel’s organiser (the Organiser).
  3. Equestrian activities are dangerous and can cause personal injury, including death and can cause damage to property.
  4. During the provision of Services by Mel, where it involves contact with a horse particularly riding, I agree to use riding boots and have been advised to wear a helmet in accordance with the Australian Standards or the recommendation by Equestrian Australia, in existence from time to time. If I choose not to wear a helmet I take full responsibility for not doing so.
  5. I understand that both Mel and the Organiser will organise the Clinic and other activities (equestrian or otherwise) with due care and attention. I acknowledge and agree however that I participate in this Clinic and any other equestrian activity involving Services of Mel, at my own risk and I agree that, to the fullest extent permitted by law, neither Mel nor the Organiser will be liable to me for any loss, cost, damage or expense (Loss) caused directly or indirectly by either …Mel or the Organiser and whether such Loss arises from the negligence of Mel or the Organiser or otherwise.
  6. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless both Mel and the Organiser against any Loss they or either of them incur from a claim against either of them by a third party arising out of my conduct at any Clinic or other activity whether such claim arises out of my negligence or otherwise.