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A Saddling Consultation allows you to gather information and try a ‘Functional Saddling’ method using BALANCE equipment (saddles and pads) without fear of being pressured into purchasing anything as well as trying to see if we can improve the functionality of your existing saddle via a gullet change, the use of a padding system or reflocking.  The BALANCE registered Consultants have all been selected by BALANCE because they have had many years of experience with Functional Saddling as well as in depth training to help horse owners to explore this alternative and highly effective approach to saddling.

They all know what it is like to be in a quandary about saddles and therefore can appreciate the situation from your perspective.

 It is essential to emphasise that Functional saddling cannot be expected to solve all equine and rider problems.  However, it is true to say that many cases of unsoundness, poor performance, behavioural problems and general ill health have a direct connection with the way that the ridden horse tries to cope with the restrictions and discomfort of an inappropriate saddle.

Even if there are no obvious ‘problems’ with your horse, you may still be amazed to discover how much better he/she can move in a different way of saddling.  However, if you have been experiencing a specific problem with your horse, the consultation may help to clarify whether your current saddle is contributing or not.

The Functional Saddling Method is designed to respect and support the needs of the horse that is moving in a bio-mechanically efficient and *engaged state.

 * For the horse, carrying weight (rider and saddle) whilst in a disengaged state, subjects it to stress and damage on physical, mental and emotional levels.  It is difficult to justify this at a time when few people need to ride for anything other than their own pleasure. Putting the horse's comfort  and enjoyment in the ridden experience needs to be a priority.

Information about the content/format of the saddle Saddling Consultation

Time to allow

You will need to allow at least two, uninterrupted hours of your time for the Consultation. (We may not always need this long but best to allow this length of time.)

 A Suitable Venue:

You will need to have access to a suitable place to ride e.g. indoor school, outdoor arena or safely enclosed paddock with good footing.  You do not normally need to do more than walk and trot during the consultation, although if it is appropriate you can do more.  If you want a jumping style saddle, it is important that you jump during your consultation.

What happens during a Saddling  Consultation?

Your safety and the safety of your horse are a priority and the consultant will want to see you ride in your current saddle for a short time to be confident that the horse is sound and that you are balanced enough in your own body to NOT be relying on a tightly fitted saddle.

She will make a note of any suspected saddle related issues that she can see. She may also take photographs of you sitting in your current saddle,or of the horses shape  for her own records.

 Please note that if the consultant does not feel that it would be safe or for any other reason inappropriate for you to ride in this consultation session she has the right to refuse to proceed beyond this point.  For example:

  •  The horse or pony is unsound, too weak, unhealthy, unsafe to ride.
  •  The rider is too heavy for the horse.
  •  The horse is less than 3 years of age.
  •  The riding area is not safe enough.
  •  The rider is too crooked and unbalanced to ride safely in a Functionally FItted or BALANCE saddle.

 Most of these problems will be avoided if you have provided the consultant  with the correct information BEFORE the appointment is made.

Once she has seen you ride in your own saddle, she will explain and show you the concepts of Functional Saddling and and why the saddles are designed and ‘fitted’ differently to conventional saddles.You can then test ride some different saddles and padding combinations so you and the horse can feel what Functional Saddling feels like for you and your horse.  You will be able to compare the movement of your horse in its own saddle and a variety of Functionally Fitted  saddles. (If the consultant can see ways of improving the way your current saddle is working for your horse, she will be happy to make suggestions and you can test ride those changes if they can be made straight away.)

The consultant will be assessing your horse’s feedback about the various saddle options you will try, to determine what they like. If she is unable to get your saddle to be as functional and comfortable for your horse as some of the BALANCE saddles we use for comparison and you are interested in purchasing one of our range of saddles, she can discuss that with you.

What happens if you want to buy a saddle?

If you want to take the next step and order a BALANCE saddle, the consultant can help you to gather all the data that BALANCE will need you to submit to the office.


The BALANCE registered consultants are not employed by BALANCE.   If you decide to buy a new BALANCE saddle from The BALANCE Saddle Company, the consultant will earn a modest ‘commission’.  However, none of the consultants are sales-people!  They all care deeply about the health and comfort of the horses they see, and they believe in the benefits of using Functional Saddling and BALANCE saddles, but they will never put any pressure on a horse owner to buy anything.  In order to do this, they need to make a reasonable charge for their time and travel costs.

Investment: $195 if you come to me or to a venue where I am working at. This is an educational experience about  saddling and biomechanics for horse and rider, and we want to be able to spend 2 hrs of good quality time with you. There may be an additional travel fee if I am traveling to you for a single consultation.

The fee that the needs to be charged to cover my time and travel expenses, must be paid even if for reasons beyond my control it is not possible to ride the horse in the session.

A Whole Way forward…

For some horses, unnatural patterns of movement, muscle development and posture have been created by past discomfort and restriction from saddles.   Some of these problems are only exposed when the horse first tries a saddle that allows them to use their bodies fully.  The full extent of their previous saddle restrictions may have been misdiagnosed as laziness, stiffness or a poor attitude to work.  Sometimes a horse can recover well as soon as he gets a more comfortable saddle, but others need some time and the additional support of a Vet, Chiropractor, Osteopath or other therapist.   If appropriate, this can be discussed during the Consultation.

 Support after ordering/purchasing a saddle.

Most people enjoy the fact that they have the tools and the information they need (because we educate you and provide you with a manual) to be self-reliant when it comes to managing your horse’s saddle comfort.  However, we know that some of you will appreciate some extra support and after-care so that support is available via remote coaching if it is not feasible to do it in person.

 Before a saddling consultation is booked, you will need to provide the consultant with enough, accurate information for her to check that she has an appropriate choice of saddles to bring out for you and your horse to try. Please fill out the form below to book a session.


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