IMG_7501cropwebGoing through all the photos and creating this slide show was very inspiring and motivating for me as it really highlighted the amazing changes and progress that the students and the horses made. Seeing the quality of connection and the great expressions on the horses and humans faces and how well they were starting to use their bodies was so great to see and caused me to feel excited about the next fast approaching long term course.

Below is a link to a photo slide show showcasing the students who attended a past long term course. They did so well and I am very proud of them. It is quite rare to see groups of people and horses riding and working together where there is such a great feeling of peace, harmony, serenity and tranquility. Hopefully they will be inspiring for you too and may excite in you the desire to come and experience the learning at “Alchemy Place” or in the other courses that I teach around the country. It is possible for you to make your dreams with horses come true as these people did. The next long term course starts September 5th through to Oct 14th and runs for 6 weeks this year. You don’t have to do the full six weeks but can tailor the course to suit your time frame and budget and do anything from one week up to the full six weeks. We still have some spots left in this years course if you are feeling inspired and would like to come along. Otherwise the next courses will be March and September next year.

You can watch the slide show here.