Hi Mel,
I have just had a ride on Beau, first ride since the Clinic and it’s the best ride I’ve ever had with him.
So I felt that I needed to share it with you.
He was so soft and willing and your words Mel kept going over in my head- the next most important thing after feeling safe is that with every step he has his body in alignment!
Beau was so supple and compliant that I know from his feedback that we are on the right path.
We went for a trail ride {just the two of us} and had some beautiful canters with all the energy coming through from his hind out through his neck and head. He was so animated and willing! Doesn’t get much better.

The Clinic has left me with such a deep assurance that this is
exactly where I need to be not only for my horses but also for myself and my environment.
Heartfelt Thanks
Vicki & “Herd”