” My dream of a partnership with a horse where I felt my horse was truly a willing partner, where my horse was just as inspired as me and would meet me at the gate, not just for food but because of the interaction that we would have together, always eluded me until I followed Mel’s program and immersed myself at ‘Alchemy Place’ in a longer term, live in learning situation. That experience definitely skyrocketed my dream into reality. It is not that I had a bad relationship with my horse I just knew some things were not quite right and my horse wasn’t as happy as I wanted her to be.

Helping my horse who had body and postural issues to find balance and me to learn skills to better read my horse, communicate and support her mentally, emotionally and physically was life changing. I felt so inspired that my dream could actually come true and I felt empowered to continue on at home with on going support online.

I am so glad I didn’t wait any longer. It was time to put me and my horse first. I just took the plunge. I took the time off work, organised the kids and the husband (they had a good bonding time at home too) and now I also feel more inspired in all other aspects of my life.

Waking up each morning surrounded by the beauty of nature and with my horse, I disconnected from the hectic pace of the rest of the world and connected with like-minded individuals. Together, we learned, we laughed, and we forged lifelong friendships. It was a journey of accelerated learning. Yes there were some struggles and frustrations, but that is the nature of learning and growth, but I felt so supported through the process and of course then came the breakthroughs. They made the hard bits now seem like nothing.

To see my horse soften, open up mentally and emotionally and transform physically and to start feeling more confident in what I was doing and feel more balanced and in flow with my horse is such a great feeling. Now I am addicted and want that feeling even more. I now understand why Mel calls it Connection and Synchronicity because that is exactly what it is.

If you’re still waiting for the right time to pursue your passion for horses, don’t delay any longer. Take that leap into the retreat that promises not just horsemanship skills, but a transformative experience that enriches your soul. Trust me, it’s worth every moment and every penny. Your dream partnership with horses awaits. I can’t wait to go back again and  the only bad part was having to leave.”
Rose Linder