energy-merged resizedThis was a quote from one of the students at a recent Introductory Course. On about the third day of a course one of the ladies said something which I can’t remember  exactly word for word but it was definitely to this effect “My  friends and family have been telling me that what I am looking for with horses (as in a calm, soft harmonious relationship with horses where you can ride effortlessly and as one) could only be found in the movies.”  Meaning it is not real, not possible and does not exist in reality. She then went on to say “But I have found it here. It is real, it is true and it is possible”  It really made me smile to hear this. Our horse dreams can come true. That is why I called the 6 week course ” Realize your Dreams with Horses” because this way of horsemanship will help you turn your dreams into reality.